Community Update – Closure of Curtin Avenue West at Remora Road

The intersection of Kingsford Smith Drive and Remora Road is being upgraded as part of the Kingsford Smith Drive upgrade.

The upgrade will be widened and features a new left turn lane from Kingsford Smith Drive into Remora Road to improve the efficiency of the intersection. These works bring the intersection too close to Curtin Avenue West and therefore require Curtin Avenue West to be permanently closed at Remora Road from Monday 31 October.

Alternate access to Curtin Avenue West will be via Finnegan Street from the west and Cullen Avenue West from the east. Additional signs will be installed at the intersection of Remora Road and Kingsford Smith Drive as well as in the Northshore Hamilton area to assist motorists to access Curtin Avenue West.

Construction Hours
The majority of work will take place from 7am-6pm, Monday to Friday and from 8am-1pm on Saturday. If any out-of-hours work is required, Lendlease will directly notify residents in the vicinity of the works.

Working With The Community
Lendlease is committed to minimising impacts on local residents during construction of the Kingsford Smith Drive upgrade and we look forward to working with you throughout construction.

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