Don’t Cross-Off Your Optical Benefits

by Tony Hanks

There’s no doubt that we seem to be quickly crossing-off the months of this year and this has prompted Hanks Optometrist’s Eyecare Plus at Ascot to remind everyone about the optical health fund benefits that will expire soon on December 31st.

The vast majority of Australian health funds use the calendar year to calculate their benefit limits for optical. This means that unclaimed optical health fund benefits don’t roll over into the next year – so if a person’s 2016 annual rebate is not used, this entitlement will be lost forever.

An optical rebate could mean a new set of spectacles or prescription sunglasses with no gap, or little to pay. While this is a focus on “eyewear”, an even more important area is “eyecare” and having regular eye examinations for preventative eye health. Studies have shown that many people should be taking better care in protecting their most precious sense – their eyesight.

For more information on how to make sure this year’s entitlement is claimed, or to book an appointment visit our Ascot store.

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