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Subiaco Hair Skin & Body has gone green!

As the first salon in the 4007 Precinct to go green, Subiaco are proud to announce they are part of the Sustainable Salons Australia community.

Did you know, every year, Australian hair salons send one million kilos of foil waste to landfill, where it continues to degrade, but luckily, aluminium foil can be recycled to save precious water and energy, though not many salons know about this.

After discovering the large amount of waste (over 2 million kilos!) salons send to landfill yearly, Paul and Ewelina founded Sustainable Salons Australia (SSA), Australia’s most comprehensive recycling program designed for the hair salon environment.

Launched in Sydney almost two years ago, SSA now operate around the country with salons in Newcastle, Canberra, Melbourne, Geelong and of course, Brisbane.

Sustainable Salons Australia have won many awards since conception, but more importantly – they have made a real difference:

  • SSA have collected over three tonnes of hair to assist in oil spill clean up operations.
  • Recycled over 50,000kg of salon metals (ie. foils and spray cans) resulting in valuable donations to hungry Australians.
  • Collected over 10,000 Ponytails, making SSA the largest donor in Australia of Ponytails for children who suffer from alopecia and cancer.

When booking your next appointment in our vibrant 4007 Precinct, think about how you can make a difference and visit the girls at Subiaco Hair Skin & Body. For every action there is an equal and opposite equal and opposite reaction… so make your regular salon visit an earth-friendly, sustainable one.

To read more on the positive impacts of sustainable salons, kick back while you get your hair done at Subiaco and read the latest edition of The Green Chair magazine or visit

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